Community Update: May 2021

SCREAM aims to offer fast, simple and low-cost lending market tools to leverage the high-scalability, lower fees and high-throughput EVM on the Fantom network.

As Ethereum continues to gain the largest institutional-ready adoption layers in DeFi, the bias towards existing networks and protocols will exist. SCREAM aims to become a disruptor, by offering new and innovative lending markets on Fantom. Rather than being just another cross-chain alternative, SCREAM will explore lending/borrowing capabilities across Fantom-based assets; offering a unique type of liquidity experience and exposure-profile from conventional platforms. More details on this will feature in our upcoming Medium posts.

Our community metrics for the Month of May have been summarised for your information below.

May Community Update

Aside from expanding our team — we onboarded 2 new devs!—the month of May brought some vastly impressive stats for our initial launch into the public eye.

In an effort to keep the Pastel Ticket’s as exclusive as possible for holders, we decided to close the Monster Hunt within 48 hours to avoid gamification of our Pastel Ticket allotments.

We saw a lot of heartbreak towards the start before the Pastel Tickets starting rolling in 🌈 .

Traffic levels were very high.

On launch Scream Monster drove enormous levels of traffic to our website and across our socials within minutes.

In the 24 hours prior to the launch of, our Discord servers grew by almost 80%.

Our newsletter subscribers around the time of our Monster Hunt also saw major interest:

Our Medium viewership saw higher numbers: 1485 reads

Increased interest in our Twitter content in the 14-day lead-up to our Monster Hunt.

For our special and beloved Pastel Ticket Holders

The feedback we received during and after the Monster Hunt was overwhelming positive. Our community has continuously provided constructive feedback, and to show our appreciation, the SCREAM team has decided to reward all Pastel Ticket holders with a small token of our appreciation: A unique, exclusive, Pastel Ticket NFT. This NFT will only be available to current Pastel Ticket holders, and will never be distributed again. We wanted all participants to keep a small piece of SCREAM history with them — forever.

To ensure a seamless experience, we have formed an exclusive partnership with Fantom Digital (an upcoming creative platform built for the Fantom ecosystem by one of SCREAM website’s front-end designer) to give the SCREAM community one of the very first set of minted NFT’s on Fantom Digital.

To facilitate this, we developed a simple self-service facility in our Discord to enable holders to mint a one-off non-fungible Pastel Ticket. To claim yours:

  1. You must have Pastel Ticket Holder role in our Discord.
  2. You must add your Fantom address where you’d like to receive your Pastel Ticket to your Discord account using!address <your-fantom-address> in the #bots channel.

We plan to give community members a few days to link their addresses with their Discord accounts, and shortly thereafter begin the airdrop procedure. For transparency, we’ve created a special channel title #nft-rollout in the Participate section of our Discord server. You’ll get pinged in that channel when you should check your wallet.

To summarize…

  • Our public launch was amazing, and garnered attention and traffic way beyond our wildest expectations. We’re more motivated than ever to deliver to the community.
  • Official details on our token-design, use-case, and governance features (if any) will be published on our documentation in June, with an aim for a Q3 platform launch.
  • Pastel Ticket holders will receive an extremely exclusive piece of SCREAM history — powered by Fantom Digital — as a token of our appreciation for their participation in our Monster Hunt.

Be sure to stay on top of our latest developments:



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