Pastel Tickets?

A short guide.

So, you were promised a pastel ticket by the SCREAM team? But don’t quite understand what they are or how they work? Here are a few clarifications that we believe will help you realise their importance.

So, I just got an upgrade.

So you either completed the puzzle or purchased single (or multiple) pastel tickets back in May.

Pastel Ticket holder status on Discord.

Since our last Update the SCREAM team developed a simple self-service facility in our Discord to enable holders to mint a one-off non-fungible token (NFT). Over the last few weeks, Pastel Ticket Holders had registered their Fantom wallet addresses directly in the #bot channel.

Pastel Tickets aren’t just shiny.

Assuming that a Pastel Ticket Holder correctly registered their wallet address in the #bots channel by using over the past few weeks, they should have received a single the Pastel Ticket NFT (PASTEL).

PASTELs were distributed on the following basis:

  1. Single Pastel Ticket holders (i.e. Puzzle Solvers; or those who purchased a Pastel Ticket); and
  2. Those who purchased multiple Pastel Tickets will be distributed PASTEL in proportion to their holdings. For example, if user X acquired x2 Pastel Tickets that user will receive x2 PASTEL.

What do I do with my Pastel Ticket?

Once you have received your very own PASTEL, you can go ahead with adding the custom token address onto your wallet of choice. Please note: not all wallets provide NFT wallet viewers. We suggest downloading a mobile wallet solution like Metamask to do this.

Step 1: Add the contract address. 0x41A7cf08157C9900689163A4A9930F8684aA58B7

Step 2: Add your ID number.

A unique ID number is allocated to each PASTEL. You can find this when you inspect the transaction hash.

The TokenID [440] indicates an ID of 440.

Once added to your NFT-compatible wallet, you will be able to view your PASTEL. It should look something like this:

PASTEL in all its glory :)

I have the Pastel Ticket Holder role and added my address to the bot, but I never got my NFT!

Ok, so you either purchased a Pastel Ticket and/or solved the puzzles and still haven’t received your non-fungible PASTEL.

First off, let’s address what you can do about it:

Step 1: Hop on to Discord server.

Step 2: Send the@ModMail account a private message. Firs time @ModMail users may need to verify their Discord accounts.

We have pinned our support bot to the top of the users list for easy access.
Send @ModMail a private message and follow verification instructions.

Step 3: Lodge your support ticket with the bot via private message, including the following information:

  • brief explanation of your issue;
  • if you are a Puzzle Solver; or purchased Pastel Tickets;
  • the number of Pastel Tickets you own;
  • the Tx hashes confirming the purchases of Pastel Ticket(s); and
  • Your wallet address to receive PASTEL.

Once you have lodged your support ticket and a member of our team has reviewed your case, we will get in touch in touch, mint and send you your PASTEL ticket. These will be handled on a case-by-case basis, so please bear with us.

I purchased multiple Pastel tickets but only recieved x1 PASTEL. What do I do?

Please get in touch via our bot @ModMail confirming the above information as an open support ticket, and we will credit your wallet address with multiple PASTEL.

It is therefore, critical that you ensure your wallet has been credited with the correct amount of PASTEL.

Ok, thanks for making that clear. Can I transfer the PASTEL ticket to another address or re-sell it to someone else?

However, the team will consider cases where a request to re-register a wallet address is justified. SCREAM reserves the unconditional right to disqualify community members found to have violated its terms through the re-selling of PASTEL tickets.

Ok, so what next?

As we inch closer to our launch date, we are working to bring you the most up-to-date information.

Be sure to stay on top of our latest developments:



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